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Legal Compliance for Household Employers

Our goal is to help household employers understand their duties and provide the tools to protect their interests.
Household Employee Policies & Handbook

Create household policies that are fair and that comply with the law, so that you can avoid misunderstandings that lead to lawsuits. We help you design and draft a handbook that will provide clarity to your clarity and give you peace of mind as an employer.

Recruiting & Hiring Employees

Start the employment relationship on the right legal foot. We can help you properly recruit reliable staff and reduce your liability as an employer with proper:

  • Job Descriptions
  • Interview Questions
  • Exempt vs. Non-Exempt Classification
  • I-9 Verification
  • Employee Contracts
New Employee Orientation & Training

Provide structure for your new employees by formally introducing them to your home. We help you comply with California & federal obligations by providing your employees with required paperwork & training.

  • New Employee paperwork
  • Safety training
  • Sexual harassment training
  • Required benefits information
  • Payroll processing
Pay & Scheduling Policies

The wage & hour laws that govern Household Employment are not common sense and are often misunderstood by those who rely on corporate rules which do not apply. We will help you understand your duties and obligations as a small employer on topics such as:

  • Minimum wage
  • Overtime
  • Meal breaks
  • Rest breaks
  • Paycheck content and delivery
  • Payroll deductions
  • Workweek scheduling
Employee Exit Interviews

Making decisions to terminate employees is a difficult task for most employers. Let us help you avoid legal pitfalls when it becomes necessary to let someone go from your staff.

  • Severance Agreements
  • Employee Notices
  • Final Pay
Staff Conflict Resolution & Mediation

  • Disciplinary Meetings
  • Investigatory Meetings
  • Sexual Harassment Complaint Resolution
Workplace Safety

  • Health & Safety Plans
  • Cleaning Product Disclosures
  • Harassment Prevention Policies
  • Violence Prevention Plans & Investigations
Household Property & Privacy Protocols

  • Confidentiality Agreements
  • Family Office Privacy Policies

Estate Manager Training

We ensure that the Family Office runs smoothly, by training Estate Managers how to stay on top of their HR duties.
Family Office Processes & Organization

Recordkeeping & Personnel Files

Managerial Safety Training

Mandatory Supervisor Harassment Prevention

Employee Scheduling

Software Training